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A free and safe place for your community events.

Built For You.

Gazzer is a platform where communities come together.
It is packed with many features to make your community events a great experience for both organisers and attendees alike.

For Organisers

Organise events with ease.

Grow your Community.
As an organiser, you bring people together. Gazzer will help you to manage and grow your community.

Organise Events.
Gazzer provides you with all the tools required to organise successful events: powerful content formatting, notifications and many settings & options.

Manage your Team.
Together you're stronger. We ensure your team is setup correctly.

For Attendees

Never miss a single event.

Attending Events.
Show attendance by joining communities and participating in events. We will keep you updated with new events and changes, so you'll never miss a single one.

Venue & Event Details.
Get comprehensive details about the venue, event and accessibility in one place.

Add to Calendar.
Add events to your calendar with just one click to make sure they're in your schedule.

Our Mission.

Free for Everyone

We want to bring communities together and give them a common place for their events.
Organising events is a tough and time-consuming job, no matter if it's a technology user group, a regular sports group or a group of language learners. Why should you pay for that?
That's why Gazzer is free for everyone

Safe & Welcoming

At Gazzer, we value your privacy.
We aim to be a safe and welcoming platform.

Your private data is yours and will never be shared with anyone else. It's up to you to decide which information is shown publicly.
Furthermore, we aim to be an equally welcoming place for everyone, no matter what culture, religion, sexuality or gender.
If you ever feel discriminated against in any way, please make sure to reach out to us!

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Creating an inclusive platform that's both easy to use and accessible for everyone is a major goal for us.
We're constantly improving the user experience in order to create a flawless product for everyone.

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