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26. November 2019


Introducing the home screen which serves as a new entry point for logged in users. It shows a quick overview of upcoming events and lists all your communitites for quick navigation.

Time Zones

We normalize date and time values to be able to adapt to different time zones. Safely enter dates in your local time zone and it will be displayed correctly depending on the users time zone.
Yet, it might not always be obvious if the values are normalized already, so we now also show the time zone abbreviation next to event dates.


We added several improvements to existing features and pages.

  • Improved our landing page with additional information on our features, mission and philosophy.
  • Shortened the privacy policy to contain only services that we actually use.
  • Improved the input format and display format for venue and accessibility information on events.
  • Fixed scrolling issues for some browsers.
  • Several updates to our visual components improving the user experience, accessibility and consistency.
  • Added pages about open source and accessibility.

8. November 2019

Draft Events

Events are now created as drafts that are only visible to owners and managers of the community. This helps to refine your event over time, without publicly sharing it.
Whenever you're done, hit "Publish Event" and it's out!


Events now have a set of properties to get various accessibility information such as wheelchair-accessible bathrooms, screen captions and more.


Events now also have more granular information about the venue, how to get there and what amenities it provides.
Additionally, it also shows if food and drinks are provided and which dietary options are available.

Code of Conduct

Communities can now add a "Code of Conduct" which members must respect.
This aims to prevent abuse and misbehaviour in communities.

User Name & Short URL

Users and communities must now set a unique user name / short URL which is used in links to replace the long unsemantic ids


We added several improvements to existing features and pages.

  • Fixed issues with Google services when showing the location map or searching for an address or city.
  • The birthday input has been improved.
  • <br> can now be used in event and community descriptions to add additional line breaks.
  • One can now inline preview the rendered Markdown output of descriptions without submitting.
  • Showing character count on input fields that have length restrictions.
  • Consistent button design for different associated actions.
  • Improved the experience when searching for users to be added as managers.
  • The Profile picture upload now shows the correct cropped image preview.
  • Changing your profile picture is now part of the profile editing page.

28. October 2019


We added support for community managers. Owners (those who've created a community) can now add managers to their community. Managers are able to edit the community as well as creating and editing events. The only thing they can't do is editing the managers themselves.

Apart from that, we added a bunch of improvements, fixed typos and improved the overall performance of individual sites.

25. October 2019

We officially launched the platform!