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Open Source

We love open source.
Gazzer is built using open source technology and therefore we'd like to acknowledge all the tools and packages we're using.
On top of that, we also built some libraries and tools to give some value back to the community.


Gazzer is written fully in ReasonML as a type-safe language compiling to JavaScript.

from us

Our styles are written in Elodin, which is a type-safe universal language compiling to many targets.

from us

Globe is our very own design system packed with themeable, accessible components.

Next powers our client's bundling, caching and routing with many built-in performance benefits.

We leverage React to power our view rendering logic which ensures consistent UI and maximal performance with it's efficient change diffing.

from us

Fela generates atomic CSS classes based on our Elodin style definitions ensuring minimal bundle size and maximal stlye reuse.

Urql connects the client with the server handling all the data fetching.

Moment helps us to format dates no matter which timezone you're in.

In order to enter dates with ease, we leverage this amazing, accessible DatePicker from Airbnb.

Markdown powers formatted descriptions.

Displaying Google Maps for event locations is powered by this handy React wrapper.

Our lovely sketches are taken from unDraw which provides over 900 individual sketches for any use case.

Our icons come from an icon set named Entypo which is free to use.