Terms, Privacy, Feedback & More


We have worked hard for month to get Gazzer out, but we're just getting started.
Instead of keeping everything secret, we decided to make our roadmap as transparent as possible. Therefore, we're sharing our plans with you.

If you still feel like we're missing something important, feel free to propose it!

Also keep in mind that the following list is not in any particular order.
If you're waiting for a feature, please be patient and friendly.


An important feature is being able to get notified about all kinds of different activities.We'll have granular settings for all kind of notifications suchs as "event created", "event updated", "new comment added", "new member", "new attendee", "event reminder", and much more.


We want to provide proper search tools to filter based on location, date and even event properties.



Apart from making the platform itself more accessible, we also want to add proper options to label events with accessibility information such as "wheelchair accessible", "live captions" and many more.


Even though we dislike having many different messaging clients, it can be very useful to quickly get in contact without sharing sensible private information.

Third-Party Authentication

Logging in with third-party services such as Twitter and Github is more convenient than having to type everything from scratch.


Feedback is very important to improve your future events and provides valuable information for organizers, making a community more welcoming and safe.